About us

Hi! Welcome to our corner of the internet!
My names Janelle.  I’m a Mother to 3 amazing little babes. Everything I do is for them. I’ve always been very holistic minded but once I had my first son in 2014, I started on this journey of all things natural and healthy for him, and I’ve never stopped! It lit a fire inside me to always want to do better and be better for my kids. In 2019 I started selling Elderberry Syrup, after already making and using it for years. Then in 2020 when I became pregnant with my daughter, I discovered the amazing benefits of Seamoss, and it was the only thing to help me through my intense pregnancy symptoms! I knew this stuff was magic and had to share it with the world & here we are! Making everything with love & always adding new health products to our shop. Everything I add I personally use for myself and my kids! My boys love that I take care of them with earths medicine, their favorites are Seamoss or Elderberry Syrup and my second son loves our Respiratory syrup. My daughter is of course obsessed with our Seamoss, which is why she’s on the label as The Seamoss Baby. She’s going to be a future herbalist, I can already tell it’s in her. She’s just as natural as her Momma, but even more intuitive. I’ve worked hard to build this business from the ground up since we started in 2019. We have expanded so much since then, and we always will continue to grow! Thank you for being part of our journey, and we hope to give you peace of mind, knowing you’re taking extra good care of your body, mind & soul, when you buy our wellness products. 

-Made with Love & Magic, by the DiFonzo family.